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Yonex V Core 98 305g (2021) – Review

Posted on November 24 2021

Yonex V Core 98 305g (2021) – Review


The Yonex V Core 98 305g (2021) is a spin friendly frame designed for intermediate/advanced players who value spin and power. The 2021 edition has seen some major improvements implemented and it has been one of the most popular players rackets of the year.



Control – 7/10


I struggled somewhat to control the ball when I first started hitting with this frame, but after an adjustment period I began to feel the ball well. The V Core 98 isn’t designed for maximum control but when strung with a reasonably tight poly, this racket provides enough control to hit consistently from the baseline.

Having tested the previous generation V Core, I think the biggest improvement in the 2021 version is control and feel. The previous edition felt slightly erratic and I found it difficult to adjust to its power, but the 2021 V Core is easier on the arm and provides ample control for me.


Power – 9/10


Yonex labels the V Core line as its ‘Spin and Power’ range, and this racket doesn’t disappoint on this front. The V Core 98 provides easy power with a combination of racket head plough through, manoeuvrability and large string grommets. The 305g weight of this racket help with stability and the aerodynamic frame makes it whippy though the air, I had no problem generating power with this frame. Paired with a grippy poly, and you’ve got a real spin and power machine.

I recommend trying this racket with solinco tour bite - see our previous blog on this string.


Cosmetic – 9/10


I think this is a gorgeous racket. The design keeps the iconic V Core red a prominent feature, but the addition of metallic blue highlights makes this 2021 edition feel fresh. As ever Yonex have produced a premium high-quality racket that looks and feels great.

Evidence of the classic Yonex attention to detail can be found on the throat of the racket where aero fin technology has been added to make the frame more aerodynamic, its little touches like this that have made me fall in love with Yonex tennis rackets.


Overall – 8/10


I really enjoyed hitting with this racket, Yonex can’t do much wrong for me so I’m slightly biased but this genuinely does feel like one of the best spin friendly players rackets on the market. If you love the spin capabilities of a Babolat Pure Aero but you want more feel, this is a racket to try.

For more info on the V Core 98, watch our video review with TennisHead magazine:



But don’t take my word for it, demo the Yonex V Core 98 for FREE at All Things Tennis. If you’re local to Windsor then head to the store and pick up a demo racket, if you live further afield then email and we’ll send you one to try out.


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Written by Aron Dochard