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Solinco Tour Bite Review

Posted on November 24 2021

Solinco Tour Bite Review


Here at All Things Tennis, you can customise your racket order to include the perfect strings to go with your chosen frame and if there’s anything I’ve learnt whilst working at a tennis shop, it’s that strings matter… a lot. In this blog I’m going to be reviewing my new favourite string, Solinco Tour Bite.


Solinco Tour Bite is a popular string amongst many advanced players and college professionals, but it’s less well known to the average tennis consumer. Tour Bite is a four-sided monofilament string designed to provide experienced players with maximum bite and power. If you’re string jargon could use some brushing up, check out our ultimate string guide blog:


I recently hit with a Yonex Ezone 98 strung with Tour Bite and it blew me away. If, like me, you have experience playing with full poly set ups, I encourage you to give this string a try.


Spin - 9/10


The first thing I noticed when I started hitting groundstrokes with this string was the immense amount of topspin I was generating. Shots I felt were going way long would drop down deep into the court, increasing my margin for error tenfold. My topspin forehand is the stroke that I felt the greatest improvement in with this string, I really love to whip up the back of the ball and this attitude plays right into this string’s capabilities. The four-sided design of the string makes it extremely grippy and allows you to generate topspin with relative ease.


Power – 6/10


The string alone doesn’t offer up much free power, however when paired with a 300-315g racket, you can make up for that lack of power in racket plough through. This string is great for players with long, fast swings who aren’t necessarily looking for easy power. If you’re a player who hits with a lot of spin, this string will give your shots more than enough weight.


Control – 8/10


The amount of control you get with this string from the back of the court goes hand in hand with its spin generating capabilities. I was able to keep the height of the ball high over the net as I knew it would drop down with topspin on the other side, thus increasing my consistency from the baseline. I also found this string to provide plenty of touch at the net, the crisp and responsive feel upon impact with the ball was really up my alley.


Comfort – 7/10


As far as high-performance polyester strings go, the Tour Bite’s comfort level is pretty good. It’s obviously not as plush and comfortable as a hybrid or a full synthetic gut set up, but I felt no arm discomfort hitting with Tour Bite for hours on end. If you don’t have much experience hitting with full poly set ups, this string may be a little too stiff and grippy for you.


If you want to start your poly string journey, give us an email at and we can talk through your specific needs and get you hitting with a suitable string set up.

You can buy a Solinco Tour Bite Set (12m) that strings one racket, or a Solinco Tour Bite 200m Reel if you'd like to buy in bulk. Alternatively, when you purchase a racket on the All Things Tennis website, you can select the Tour Bite string upgrade.  


Written by Aron Dochard