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Since their launch in 1960, they’ve achieved a reputation for cutting-edge design, engineering excellence and a passion for championing all sport, everywhere. Howard Head will remain in history as one of the greatest innovators of the 21st century. Driven by a passionate desire for perfection and extraordinary intuition, he changed the world of tennis and skiing forever.


Built for speed, and a fast swing, the SPEED PRO 2024 now has even softer and more sensational feel with the introduction of the new Auxetic 2.0 technology. Part of the bestselling SPEED series recommended by Jannik Sinner, this racquet is engineered for advanced tournament players who are looking for optimal control for their fast-paced games. The balance has been reduced by five millimeters to enhance maneuverability and controllable power, while the new design includes a special lacquer that is soft to the touch, complementing the softer impact feel.

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Sensational feel is supplied by the new Auxetic 2.0 technology in a modern update of a HEAD classic. The PRESTIGE TOUR is engineered for the technical tour player who is looking for a racquet that enables them to play precisely how they wish. See-through carbon elements at the throat and tip are slightly different every time, giving your racquet its own unique identity. The fresh, premium and distinctive design also includes a special red flip lacquer in the central color block.

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Blending explosive power with the sensational feel of the innovative new Auxetic construction, the new BOOM PRO allows you to compete hard while enjoying every moment. Engineered for advanced tournament players, and with an entirely new shape for HEAD, the BOOM PRO will give you the greater stability and higher weight you are after, while boosting your power and confidence.

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Generate extreme spin, and create chaos for opponents, with the EXTREME TOUR. Endorsed by Matteo Berrettini, this racquet has been upgraded with innovative Auxetic technology for outstanding, crisp impact feel, and is ideal for tournament players looking to dictate with optimal spin and power. Along with a shaft that helps create extra spin, the EXTREME TOUR has unique spin grommets which allow more string movement and a powerful trampoline effect on impact with the ball. Extreme performance comes with a fresh, daring design.

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Upgraded with state-of-the-art Auxetic technology for sensational impact feel and enhanced playability, the RADICAL PRO provides a modern blend of power, spin and control. Ideal for all-court tournament players who love to mix it up, this versatile racquet is engineered with exclusive technologies, including sound grommets which enhance your power through greater string movement while optimizing sound and vibrations. You can play any shot with the RADICAL PRO, which has Graphene in the frame, a variable beam cross-section which balances power, control and spin, and a dynamic 16/19 string pattern. Known as ‘The People’s Racquet’, the RADICAL series has a bold, new, asymmetrical design.

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Feel the force with the GRAVITY PRO, which has been upgraded with state-of-theart Auxetic technology for sensational impact feel and enhanced playability. With its distinctive, rounded head shape and enormous sweetspot, this racquet gives aggressive next generation tournament players the control, flex and forgiveness they need to dominate any opponent. The Auxetic technology provides greater feel and feedback on every shot, boosting your confidence as you swing a racquet endorsed by Alexander Zverev and Andrey Rublev. For an ultra-modern aesthetic that will turn heads, the signature GRAVITY flip design, with different colours on each side, has been refreshed with an asymmetric look.

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Novak Djokovic

Alexander Zverev

Matteo Berrettini

Marin Cilic

Coco Gauff

Taylor fritz

Head's Story

Innovators at their core, visionaries possess determination, dedication, passion, and motivation. Howard Head exemplified this spirit, revolutionizing both skiing and tennis through an intuitive approach. Despite lacking skill in these sports, Head transformed traditional equipment, replacing wooden skis with lightweight metal ones. His significant breakthrough came in the late 1960s when, after selling his ski company, he entered tennis as a hobby and invented oversized racquets with sizes ranging from 95-135 square inches. Guided by the engineering principle that “inverse inertia increases with width,” he designed a racquet two inches wider and three inches longer, enhancing efficiency fourfold without adding weight. This innovation, declared by Sports Illustrated as “the most successful racquet in the history of tennis,” marked a groundbreaking change in product technology.

1947 - 1969

Head was so convinced that his future lay with ski design that in January 1948 he resigned from Martin to devote all his time to the development of a composite ski.

In 1968, HEAD launched a tennis division at the company and a year later introduced the first metal tennis racket at the U.S. Open.

In 1969 Howard Head sold his company to AMF and retired shortly afterwards. In retirement, he focused on his tennis game, which had shown little improvement even with a metal racket and numerous lessons. He went on to develop the first oversized metal tennis racket, and revolutionizing a second sport.


In the early 1970s, the tennis industry faced criticism for adopting space-age materials and shifting from traditional wooden frames to metal. Head gained notable recognition in 1975 when Arthur Ashe, using an aluminum Head racquet, defeated the favored Jimmy Connors at Wimbledon, becoming the first African American to win the prestigious event. The introduction of graphite and titanium racquets gained prominence in 1997.


Johan Eliasch who is an avid skier and was well aware of the HEAD brand, gained control of the HEAD Sports in 1995 Mr. Eliasch moved quickly to revitalize the fortunes of Head. With the product lines more focused, he directed the company’s attention into three areas: winter sports, tennis, and scuba diving.

In 1997, Head introduced the first tennis racket made of titanium and graphite, which proved highly popular. It then developed the first computerized tennis racket, named HEAD Intelligence, which employed sensors to adjust the necessary power and in the process suppress about half of all vibrations, thus eliminating the cause of tennis elbow.


In 1997 Head developed the first
computerized tennis racket, named HEAD Intelligence, which employed sensors to adjust the necessary power and in the process suppress about half of all vibrations, thus eliminating the cause of tennis elbow.


Head has been the choice of numerous top tennis professionals, including Andre Agassi, Maria Sharapova, Andy Murray, Marin Cilic, and Novak Djokovic, following in the footsteps of Arthur Ashe. In 2012, the brand's popularity soared as it was associated with three champions in a single year: Novak Djokovic at the Australian Open, Maria Sharapova at the French Open, and Andy Murray at the US Open.