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Article: The Wilson Clash: Styles and Setups

The Wilson Clash

The Wilson Clash: Styles and Setups


Ability: Intermediate to advanced.

Styles: Baseliners, Aggressive Baseliners, Counterpunchers 

Recommended Strings: Polyester strings that emphasize control, spin, and feel

For those: Recreational players who want power and control, without sacrificing feel. 


The Wilson Clash range was first launched in 2019, and it went on to be one of the best selling ranges of that year. The range catered to a wide variety of players, who desired control and power, without sacrificing feel. We offer the Clash 100 V2, the 100 Pro V2, and the 98 V2. Check out our main reviews of these rackets on our website. (Clash 100 V2, 100 Pro V2, 98 V2


Wilson Clash 100 V2

The Wilson Clash 100 V2 provides an excellent balance of spin, control, and power, with an easy swing weight and unique feel. The recommended string tension range is between 50-60lbs. Wilson recommends Luxilon Strings that emphasize control, spin and feel. But those who gravitate towards the Clash 100 V2 for comfort may want to consider a hybrid setup. The stiffer response from the Luxilon strings may reduce the rackets comfort, so using a softer multifilament along with the Luxilon strings may alleviate that issue.


Wilson Clash 98 V2

The Wilson Clash 98 V2  is a mid sized tennis racket that is well suited for intermediate and advanced players. The racket excels at making topspin and it is very comfortable. The recommended string tension range is between 50 and 60 pounds, and a stiff polyester string is the best option if you want added control and spin. If you care more about the rackets comfort, a hybrid setup with  a softer multifilament would be an excellent option.


Wilson Clash 100 Pro V2 

The Wilson Clash 100 Pro V2 is great for baseliners who demand more comfort, without sacrificing stability and power.  The recommended string tension range is between 50-60lbs and polyester strings would be the best option for the Pro V2. Wilson recommends Luxilon strings, a high-quality polyester tennis string that emphasizes control, spin, and feel. Solinco Hyper G Strings is a great all rounder option, while Luxilon Smart strings maintain control and spin, for a versatile playing style. Players who prefer a 16x20 pattern with more stability than the 100 V2, should opt for this racket instead. 


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