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Article: Wilson Clash 100 Pro V2

Wilson Clash 100 Pro V2 Review

Wilson Clash 100 Pro V2


For 2022, Wilson retains the signature technology of the 2019 version while improving stability and feel. The Wilson Clash 100 Pro V2 is ideal for players who like comfort, without sacrificing too much power.



Weight unstrung (+/-5g)

310 grams

Head size

100 sq in

Beam width

24 mm

Balance (+/- 5mm)


String pattern

16 x 20


27 in 




Like the other rackets in this range, new grommet construction provides a consistent, more forgiving string bed response while dramatically increasing the sweet spot. Players with modern and traditional swings will appreciate the horizontal and vertical bending, which increases ball dwell time on the string bed. Torsional bending features proprietary carbon mapping to stabilize frame flexibility on off-center hits, and FORTYFIVE provides the ultimate feel, increasing flexibility and stability. It also comes with a super head-light for excellent control over the racket head.



The Pro V2 is great from the baseline, with more power than the other rackets in its range. It's not as comfortable, but players can expect to execute slice and spin shots perfectly, if they are used to the weight (310 grams unstrung). The racket takes more effort to swing than whippier rackets, but the stability holds up against heavy hitters. There is good access to spin, and the racket provides a solid baseline game. 



Volleys are great with the Pro V2, but it lacks in the comfort department. The feel is still good though, and players can expect to generate solid pace behind their volleys, without sacrificing precision and control. Some may struggle with maneuverability, but the racket remains approachable with the head light. Players will able to put their opponents under pressure with the great precision, power and control. The feel is a bit muted for delicate volleys, but with time players can become accustomed to it!


Serves and Returns

The Pro V2 serves well, offering enough plow through without a hefty swing weight. It takes extra work to generate spin serves, but the solid precision and control makes up for it. There is a good arm friendly response, and it serves well for a all round racket. 

The Pro V2 offers a reliable performance for returns, offering enough stability that can withstand the pace of a heavy serve. The large sweet spot provides extra margin for error, and the racket is maneuverable enough to respond to fast serves, while also having the stability to respond to big hits. 


For those

The Wilson Clash Pro 100 V2 is definitely a baseliners racket for intermediate to advanced players. All court players may struggle if they are used to free power or control orientated frames. Aggressive baseliners will appreciate the swing weight, and control. Doubles players will like the volleying capabilities and good control. Those who like powerful rackets but want a softer, more arm-friendly feel, without sacrificing power, will appreciate The Wilson Clash Pro 100 V2's all rounded performance. 

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