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The Wilson Clash Range

Posted on March 30 2022

The Wilson Clash Range



Wilson have proved to be a staple in the tennis world, with Roger Federer endorsing several of their projects over the years. The Wilson Clash was first launched in 2019, debuting with a clean and modern cosmetic. Unsurprisingly, the Wilson Clash took three years to develop, for the purpose of appealing to a wide variety of players.


The modern game demands power and control, among a host of other styles and nuances. It seems Wilson took these demands very seriously while engineering the Clash, developing Free Flex and StableSmart technology in the process. FreeFlex allowed the Clash frame to bend while hitting the ball, delivering the benefits of flexibility without compromising the crisp and solid feel that modern power players crave. Stable Smart provided “industry leading stability and power”, for players that needed reliability and stability while swinging big.


The Clash racket line came out in early 2019 and according to Wilson, it quickly became the #1-selling tennis racket in the world. The most popular and wide appealing frame in the line was the Clash 100. Described by Wilson "This frame is designed for players ages 16 and up who are looking for a racket that will give them the best in power, control, and comfort." Other rackets in the range included the 100 Pro, 100L, 100UL, 108, 98, and the junior rackets of 26'' and 25''. Each racket was designed for comfort and control, with small tweaks for those who wanted a lighter, or more accessible racket. 


The Wilson Clash Range


Building off of the success in 2019, they decided to update the range for 2022. They launched the Clash V2 in March 2022, updating FreeFlex technology, changing it to FORTYFIVE, A Patent-protected frame layup producing more connected-to-the-ball feel while better complementing the more modern, vertical swing path. In the 2022 range, we offer the Clash 100 V2, the 100 Pro V2, and the 98 V2. The 2022 range retains much of the prior generation’s formula, but the new updates strive to improve stability for a more consistent response while increasing the sweet spot’s size. The specifications are unchanged from the 2019 versions except for the Clash 98, and The Clash 100 Pro, which come with a 16x20 string pattern instead of a 16x19 one.


Wilson Clash Range


Along with that, the 2022 versions come with a professional and gorgeous cosmetic. The red and black colors with the matte finish completes the brilliant design, which is a big improvement on the boring aesthetics of the 2019 versions. Environmentalists will be pleased to know that Wilson also continues to make an effort to reduce its environmental footprint with the plant based bumper and grommets!


Comparing the two versions, players should expect more power and stability from the latest iteration. The feel is also improved, providing a unique response that can't be found with any other racket line. They are more spin friendly, without losing comfort or stability in the process. Intermediate to advanced players that are looking for these features, or a customizable frame should check out the new range. It's a best seller for a reason!