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Article: History of the Babolat Pure Drive

Babolat Pure Drive

History of the Babolat Pure Drive


The Babolat Pure Drive has a long and successful history dating back to its release in 1994. The original model was immensely popular and helped to establish Babolat as one of the leading tennis racket manufacturers in the world. Initially launched in France, it was marketed in Spain, Italy and Austria between the years of 1995 and 1999, before conquering the tennis market in Japan and the United States. Since then, the Pure Drive has become a staple in the international tennis market.


1994 marked a turning point in Babolat's history. After more than a century at the leading edge of the stringing and racquet accessories market, the French brand launched its first tennis frames.  Pierre Babolat invented an extraordinary racket globally associated with new playing styles, and the Pure Drive range would not take long to make an impact on professional tennis.


In 1998, Carlos Moya, Rafael Nadal's primary coach since 2016, became the first player to win a grand slam title (The French Open) with a Pure Drive racket. He explained that he needed a racket with a lot of power to make a break in the game. With his Pure Drive Racket, he eventually became the world number 1 in 1999. Other notable Babolat alumni include Kim Cloisters, the Bryan brothers, and Andy Roddick, who delivered the fastest serves in tennis at a whopping 249km/h


The Pure Drive redefined the tweener category with its 300 gram weight and 100 square inch head size becoming the standard for many levels of play. The bearing beam width in the head provides players with a crisp sweet spot that works for long fast wings and shorter compact strokes.


After Moya's win in 1998, The Pure Drive was in great demand. Babolat managed to design a racket that professionals could use, as well as intermediates and recreational players. Advanced level players can find enough control with this racket, while intermediates to beginners find it easy to maneuver and use, making it a great all round racket for most players. Over the next twenty years, the Pure Drive range would be updated and redefined, easily dominating the tennis market with its unique versatility.


1994 – Pure Drive Launches
2001 – Pure Drive Swirly
2003 – Pure Drive Team
2006 – Pure Drive Cortex
2009 – Pure Drive GT (Graphite Tungsten)
2012 – Pure Drive Cortex Active
2015 – 7th generation Pure Drive
2018 – 8th generation Pure Drive
2019 – 9th generation Pure Drive VS
2021 – 10th generation Pure Drive


The latest version, The Babolat Pure Drive 2021, continues with familiar class. Easy to use, loaded with power and spin. This version falls in line with the previous iterations, but its modern feel and comfort improves on the legendary crispness these rackets are known for. Simply put, the Pure Drive was always designed to help players of any skill level get the most out of their ability.



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Babolat Pure Drive

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