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Article: Babolat Pure Drive: Styles and Setups

Babolat Pure Drive

Babolat Pure Drive: Styles and Setups


The Babolat Pure Drive 2021

Ability: Beginners, Intermediates, Advanced Players. 

Styles: Offensive,  Aggressive, Baseliners, and those who wish to experiment/ find their style of play

Recommended strings: Full polyester or hybrid, Babolat Strings

For those: Who are looking to improve their game quickly, easy power, precision, and a light/explosive racket.


One of the best selling rackets of the past twenty years, The Babolat Pure Drive is a great frame for tennis players of any level, who want to generate more power. With its large sweetspot, this frame will help you hit the ball with great speed and spin. The balanced weight and stiffness of this frame also provides good stability and control.


The recommended tension range for the Babolat Pure Drive is 50-59 pounds (23-27 kg). Babolat recommends stringing this frame with their RPM Power and Excel strings. The Pure Drive is a higher powered frame and RPM Blast strings can help maximize topspin for greater control.


The racket's explosiveness and whippy nature is ideal for offensive baseline play. Its impressive all court playability is great for playing winning shots on the run, and devastating volleys up at the net. It is also perfect for groundstrokes, whether you hit topspin or flat shots. The access to power, spin, and comfort truly is an offensive players dream. It’s well-suited for experienced beginners who wish to transition quickly to intermediate play. Advanced players can also use this racket if they enjoy hitting a heavy ball.




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Babolat Pure Drive

History of the Babolat Pure Drive

The Babolat Pure Drive has a long and successful history dating back to its release in 1994. 

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