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Article: Babolat Pure Strike 18x20: Styles and Setups

Babolat Pure Strike 18x20

Babolat Pure Strike 18x20: Styles and Setups


Ability: Strong intermediate to advanced.

Styles: Offensive, Aggressive Baseliners, all court

Recommended Strings: Full Polyester (Babolat RPM Power 200m Tennis)

For those: Aggressive Players who seek more control, and a more balanced game compared to the 16x19 version 


In the latest Pure Strike collection, the 16x19 version provides the player with spin, power and feel. The 18x20 version is better suited towards players who long for more control, with less spin. The major difference between these two versions is durability and the flight of the ball (precision). Babolat states that "if you want to own the court with the extra precision of an 18x20 string pattern, the Pure Strike 18x20 is perfect for your game"


The Pure Strike 18x20 offers more control and feel from the string bed than the Pure Strike 16x19, which is ideal for players who practice a long take-back on their groundstrokes, and those who like to swing big, returning shots from all areas of the court. The head light balance can encourage players to hit through their shots and get the most out of their swings. This is helpful for players who struggle with backhands, especially if you feel like you're caught out of position on the court. Players can swing big with the Pure Strike 18x20, and as a result of the great directional control that this racket has,  slices and backhands are effective. Groundstrokes are wonderfully balanced with the 18x20 pattern, offering a better level of precision and shot placement than the 16x19 version


As endorsed by Grand Slam winner Dominic Thiem, The Pure Strike 18x20 will suit players who have aggressive playing styles. Thiem has a powerful single handed backhand, that can handle unpredictable and high bouncing balls and he often returns serves from as far back as possible, which allows him to get the most out of his swings. Shot executions for serves are easier with the Pure Strike 18x20, and if players are more used to control-orientated frames, the hefty swing weight of the racket should allow them to get some pace and plow through without much effort. Those who are used to whippier rackets or rackets that provide more free power, could work on their technique and let the control of the 18x20 to do the work for you. While you do lose power on your serve compared to other Babolat rackets,  The 18x20 makes up for it with control, feel and accuracy. 


The Pure Strike 18x20 is a great racket for the modern offensive player who seeks more control, durability, and balance. If players are struggling with the 16x19 pattern, they should definitely consider the 18x20 version. The 18x20 is unique for its weight; it offers the characteristics of a heavier racket, but the player can benefit from pulling less strain on their arms and body. In an overall sense, this provides a balanced option for offensive and highly athletic players  





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