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  • 2022 French Open: Nadal vs Djokovic

    Jun 01 2022

      59 times over 17 years, the Novak and Rafa rivalry is as thrilling as ever. The legendary pair met at the quarter finals of the 2022 Fr...

  • 2022 French Open: Quarter Finals

    May 30 2022

      The 2022 French Open is heading into deeper territory, with the finals coming up this week. A series of upsets left no top-10 seeds in ...

  • 2022 French Open Preview

    May 19 2022

      The 2022 French Open is one of the four grand slam tournaments in the tennis calendar and it is scheduled to take place from May 22 to ...

  • The History of the French Open

    May 04 2022

      Originally known at the Championnat de France, the first remnants of the  French Open was held as an amateur competition in 1891 on the...

  • Yonex V Core Pro 100 Review

    Apr 21 2022

      The Yonex V Core Pro 100 is known for its comfort and control. The latest iteration comes with the signature technologies you'd come to...