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Article: Yonex V Core Pro 97H Review

Yonex V Core Pro 97H Review

Yonex V Core Pro 97H Review


Yonex's most control orientated series received an update in 2021. The Yonex V Core Pro 97H is the heaviest racket in the VCORE range, ideal for advanced players looking to control their natural power. The VCORE range is endorsed by 2016 US Open champion, Stan Wawrinka.



Weight unstrung (+/-5g)

330 grams

Head size

97 sq in

Beam width

21 mm

Balance (+/- 5mm)

310 mm (Head light)

String pattern

16 x 19


27 in 




The beam has been thickened from 20 to 21 mm for better stability, and the racket is heavier than ever, with an unstrung weight of 330 grams. New FlexCon technology increases the flexibility of the racket. making it easier to control the ball. Vibrating Dampening Mesh is wrapped around the graphite within the grip, improving touch and precision. Flex Force graphite allows the racket to quickly flex and snap back for greater spin and faster ball acceleration off the string bed.



The Yonex V Core Pro 97H works best with lengthy and correctly timed swings. It offers great stability and massive plow through power from the baseline, which is great for flat, aggressive groundstrokes. While there is access to spin and backhand slice, it can be difficult to maneuver the racket and accelerate through the ball. Those who rely on whippy shots should consider the Yonex V Core 98 instead. Despite this, the V Core Pro 97H feels more flexible than previous versions, and players who need more control from the baseline will enjoy the rackets qualities. Stability, massive plow through, and comfort are the shining attributes here (if you can swing it).



With it's massive weight, and great plow through, The Yonex V Core Pro 97H feels rock solid up at the net. At contact, the racket is very comfortable, and it handles pace very well. It is stable against big hitters, but there is more than enough feel to hit touch or drop shots.  The power is evident, especially with smash or reflex volleys, and it is easier to generate depth at the net, compared to groundstrokes. There is a connected feel off the string bed, but maneuverability can be an issue for doubles games, even if it is adequate for a singles match. 


Serves and Returns

The Yonex V Core Pro 97H offers massive power for serves, producing heavy balls with plenty of spin and plow through. Players can use the racket's momentum for spin and slice, and the control + precision are the shining attributes here. Unfortunately the mass of the racket may be too much for a lot of players. Arm fatigue and problems with technique are worth noting when it comes to serving. If players can find their timing, momentum, and technique with this racket, they will able to deliver some devastating serves with control, feel, precision, and massive power.

The stability, feel, and precision also shines with returns, but the weight is still a lingering issue here. The racket is inconsistent due to the swing weight, but the stability and power are great features for someone who needs a heavy racket to return with. 


For those

The Yonex V Core Pro 97H is definitely a racket for advanced players looking for precision and feel. It is more flexible than other hefty frames in its category, but it can be difficult to maneuver during groundstrokes or returns. Those who can generate their own power and technique with footwork will appreciate the rackets feel and control. 

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