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Article: Tecnifibre TF40 305 18x20 Review

Tecnifibre TF40 305 18x20

Tecnifibre TF40 305 18x20 Review


Like the 16x19 version, The Tecnifibre TF40 305 18x20 is a tricolour frame that marks the French companies' 40th anniversary.  It is a racket that offers maximum control with more maneuverability and spin, along with a crisp feel and a perfect response for the modern game. The 18x20 string pattern enhances control and precision, compared to the 16x19 version.



Weight unstrung (+/-5g)

305 grams

Head size

98 sq in

Beam width


Balance (+/- 5mm)


String pattern

16 x 19


27 in 




Dynacore XTC technology allows for extra ball time and pocketing, for an instant connection and crisp feel with the ball. The EXtense BG grommet system helps with shock vibrations and wider string channels aid the string installation process. An RS section offers more control and increases flexibility at ball impact. Foam inside the interior of the frame provides more stability and feel.



The Tecnifibre TF40 305 18x20 has a great combination of feel, comfort, and control from the baseline. It is more responsive than the previous versions, offering plenty of access to spin and slice. The precision is great, and flat shots are easy to hit low over the net. The control is amazing for backhand slice, and the easy swing weight provides a stable and solid response for groundstrokes. The versatility and balance specs of the racket can make it easier for players to mix up their shots, instead of falling into predictable patterns. The spin and slice can skid through the court, while the strong flat balls can help keep the player patient to start the point. Free power is lacking here, but counterpunchers and all court players will appreciate the balance specs and consistency.



Like the 16x19 versionThe Tecnifibre TF40 305 18x20 is a versatile weapon up at the net. Arguably good for any playing style, the easy swing weight, reliable stability, plush feel and solid control helps to build a solid volleying game. The TF40 feels very direct, with the control off the string bed making it simple to find the open court and execute a clean volley. Off center hits are fine, and the stability is reliable too. It is easy to get into position, and the feel is great for smashes and reflex volleys. The consistency from the baseline can allow players to finish the point at the net with confidence.


Serves and Returns

The Tecnifibre TF40 305 18x20 provides improved feel and control, also maintaining more power than the 16x19 version. Slice serves are great with the 18x20 string pattern, but the precision is very consistent with flatter serves. Though its very similar to the 16x19 version, there is more power to be found here in this category. The racket comes through contact easily, allowing players to generate ample racquet head speed for pace and spin. Free power is lacking but swing weight, feel, control and precision make the TF40 a consistent racket to serve with.

It is well balanced and primed for returns, maintaining its easy maneuverability, and stability. Players can expect to swing big without fear of overhitting, and sharp angles can devastate weak serves. It feels nice and solid in hand, perfect for forehand returns and spin. The control and string pattern helps with spin returns and the specs of this racket perfectly align for a controlled returning game.


For those

In an overall sense, the Tecnifibre TF40 305 18x20 is a low-powered but versatile racket for advanced players with good footwork. Those who can generate their own pace, power, and spin will appreciate the TF40's plush feel, control, and great precision. It would be best suited for all court players and counterpunchers who prefer an 18x20 string pattern rather than a 16x19 one. 



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