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Yonex Arcsaber 7 Pro 4U G5
Yonex Arcsaber 7 Pro 4U G5

Yonex Arcsaber 7 Pro 4U G5

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The acclaimed ARCSABER series designed for control adds to its line up with the brand new reimagined ARCSABER 7, allowing for further flight trajectory and is designed for optimal flex and torque to improve precision targeting for intermediate and advanced players.


Taking control of the court can come in all different forms, and for the ARCSABER, it comes from the extra few milliseconds of shuttle contact time allowing assertive, precise shot-making. This new addition will see courts in late August 2022. The ARCSABER series holds a unique positioning in the Yonex racquet line-up as a series defined by shuttle-hold. In 2007 when the series was first released, the ARCSABER 7 came at a time when repulsion-based racquets were the standard.

Key Features:

Shaft type: Stiff

Frame: HM Graphite / Pocketing Booster

Weight and Grip: 4UG5 average 83g

Recommended String Tension: 20-28Lbs

Please note, this racket comes unstrung

Frame stability is improved with a frame structure unique to the ARCSABER series that has a stiff build at the top and bottom of the face, reducing unwanted distortion at impact. To extend shuttle contact time, the sides of the frame, unlike the top and bottom, are softer allowing flexibility around the sweet spot. The shaft in the ARCSABER 7 has also been redesigned for torque allowance. Upon impact, the shaft twists generating high repulsion.


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