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Wilson Ultra 100 V4
Wilson Ultra 100 V4
Wilson Ultra 100 V4
Wilson Ultra 100 V4
Wilson Ultra 100 V4
Wilson Ultra 100 V4
Wilson Ultra 100 V4
Wilson Ultra 100 V4
Wilson Ultra 100 V4
Wilson Ultra 100 V4

Wilson Ultra 100 V4

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The updated Wilson Ultra 100 V4 is a strikingly beautiful racket, that plays unlike any other frames. The Ultra range is created for maximum power combined with comfortability and enhanced stability. This racket suits intermediate and advanced players who are looking to add easy power to their game. 

Order unstrung or select string upgrade

Brand > Wilson

Colour > Metallic Blue

Suitable for > Intermediate and advanced players

Endorsed by > Maria Sakkari

Before I even picked up the Wilson Ultra 100 V4, I was impressed. The way the sun hits the frame, makes it look like the racket is dancing, and changes colour. When we tested this racket from the baseline, we loved the plush feel the racket gave. It was effortless to generate power, and it felt nice and solid upon impact. One of our testers, who was a loyal Ultra-user commented on how this version does play fairly different than the previous models. This may partly be due to the integration of FortyFive° which increases the flexibility and stability of the racket, as well as a brand new construction of the frame. It was also noted that the sweet-spot felt enlarged, and it was a forgiving racket to play with. 

We think this racket will be suitable for a range of players. The Wilson Ultra 100 V4 offers incredible power, without sacrificing comfort (which is something that can be tricky to find). The Wilson Ultra range is becoming more and more popular, and this newest edition demonstrates several upgrades, whilst still staying loyal to the origin of the frame. The look of this racket is in style with the other Wilson rackets, and we must say, it is probably one of the most beautiful rackets on the market.



Wilson Ultra 100 V4 Specifications:

Factory standard: Strung/Unstrung


Weight unstrung (+/-5g)

300 grams

Head size

100 sq in

Beam width

20.6 mm

Balance (+/- 5mm)

320 mm (Head light)

String pattern

16 x 19


27 in 


Braided Graphite + Basalt


Wilson Ultra 100 V4 Technologies:

  • Crush zone > Innovative grommet system compresses at impact to provide a larger hotspot and increased ball dwell time on the strings, creating better feel and more potential energy that drives explosive power.
  • parallel drilling > Grommet construction provides a consistent, more forgiving string bed response while dramatically increasing the sweet spot.
  • Sweet spot channel > Cavity on side of frame extends cross strings and increases grommet movement for more power.
  • FORTYFIVE° > Patent-protected frame layup produces more connected-to-the-ball feel while better complementing the more modern, vertical swing path. Material increases both flexibility and stability without compromise through the swing.
  • Agiplast >  Plant-based bumper, grommet and end cap components reduce overall environmental footprint.

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