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Solinco CONFIDENTIAL 200m reel

£120.00 £110.00


Power Vs contol
This co-polyester monofilament string will allow you to effectively control the ball. This string is ideal as you will be able to swing at full speed and keep the ball in the court. With a fast armswing, this string will bring you extra power, especially if you opt for a thinner gauge.

If you are looking to hit a great deal of spin on your shots, this model is for you! This high quality co-polyester string is equipped with a squared structure in order to optimise ball rotation. This will enhance grip on the ball and enable you to play with extra height on your shots!

Tension Upkeep
This co-polyester string will lose tension after hours of play as it is a monofilament string.

Life Span
This Solinco Confidential string will last for many hours of play.

This co-polyester monofilament is not as stiff as other monofilament strings. This product will provide more comfort for your arm and you will be less likely to get injured.