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Head Synthetic Gut PPS Tennis String 200m Reel

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This durable string from the top brand Head is suitable for all-round players who like to play a controlled power game. The Synthetic Gut PPS Reel contains strong nylon strings with a polyamide coating. The Power Trip Technology provides extra control and speed during the tennis match. The string is made of extra strong material so that the string has a high durability. The string also provides damping of vibrations, in order for you to play very comfortably. This roll contains 200 metres worth of string with a thickness of 1.30 mm.

Head has been a leading brand in the sports world. Head has manufactured various products such as tennis rackets, tennis balls and tennis bags. The Head tennis products are known worldwide and are used by well known tennis players like Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray. Head products are always made in line with the latest technologies and innovations. In addition, the products have been made from very carefully chosen materials. This results in high quality and long life. The products from Head can really improve your tennis performance!

Length: 200m