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The Ultimate stringing guide!

Knowing which strings are suitable to you can be challenging, and often becomes technical for most people. We have therefore created a little simple guide to picking the right strings  - and a little description of each of the strings that we offer. 

What Strings should I pick?

The first thing you need to think about when choosing strings, is if you should pick a stiff string (Polyester), soft strings (Mono/multifilament) or a hybrid (Polyester in main, mono/multifilament in crosses). 

Generally speaking, you should pick a polyester string if you're looking for more control in your game, and if you're hitting with spin. If you're looking for power and comfort, a mono/multifilament is the better choice. A hybrid combines the stiff and soft strings, and gives a good combination of power/comfort and control/spin. 

PS: If you're struggling with tennis elbow, or any other tendon/joint aches in your arm, you should always pick a soft string set-up, or a hybrid at lower tension. 


What is the difference between monofilament and multifilament?

We use the term monofilament when we refer to strings that is made from one single strand. Example of this is synthetic gut. Multifilament strings are made up of several small strands of string - imitating natural gut. 

Monofilament strings tend to be better for control and durability, whereas multifilament strings are better for power and comfort. 


What tension should I choose?

Tension in strings range from around 46 lbs (very low tension) to around 63 lbs (Very high tension). As a rule, the higher the tension - the more control you gain, whereas the lower the tension - the more power you get. The most common tension lies around 55 lbs. We generally recommend that intermediate players stay around this tension, whereas more advanced players often choose to string at a lower tension. This is also somewhat dependent on what strings are used - With softer strings you can go up in tension because the strings are powerful in itself, whereas with stiffer strings you may drop a few pounds because the strings are made for control and spin. 


Here is a quick summary of the pros and cons for the different strings:



  • Good for Control
  • Good for spin
  • More durable than synthetic/soft strings (less likely to break)



    • Can sometimes feel too stiff - Not always much feel
    • not a good choice for players suffering from tennis elbow - Stiffer strings tends to be more strenuous on the arm. 
    • Loses tension quicker than synthetic/multifilament strings. 




      • Very comfortable to play with
      • Powerful 
      • Unless the strings break, synthetic strings do not lose their tension like polyester strings - You can therefore go longer between each time you get your racket restrung. 



        • More likely to snap compared to polyester strings
        • Not much control compared to polyester strings



          • Babolat RPM Blast - Stiff Polyester string. Very popular string and is good for spin and control. 
          • Babolat RPM Power - Polyester string. Stiff string, but a lot softer than Babolat RPM Blast. Good for spin and control - and offers a bit more power than the Babolat RPM Blast.
          • Solinco Tour Bite - Very stiff polyester. The Solinco Tour bite has a square profile, and has edges which grips the ball. This string is ideal for someone who hits with top spin, as it grips the ball very well. 
          • Solinco Confidential - Stiff polyester. The Solinco Confidential is somewhat similar to Solinco Tour bite, although it is a bit softer, which offers a bit more feel and comfort. Good for top-spin and control. The Solinco Confidential is good for tension maintenance (Doesn't lose tension as quickly as other poly strings)
          • Babolat Excel - Soft multifilament. The multifilament technology offers good shock absorption. This along with the flexibility of the strings makes it ideal for people struggling with tennis elbow or issues with tendons and joints. Babolat Excel is not as powerful as some other multifilaments, but in return, offers increased control. 
          • Tecnifibre Synthetic gut - Very soft synthetic. Suitable for players of all levels. Comfortable string with great power. 
          • Tecnifibre Duramix - Soft Multifilament. Good spin potential and has a crisp feel. Powerful and comfortable. Duramix is made to be more durable than other multifilaments/monofilaments (Less likely to break).
          • Tecnifibre Multifeel - Soft multifilament. Created for feel and control. Offers good power, and easy on the arm. 
          • Tecnifibre Biphase - Soft Multifilament. This string is the string that most resembles natural gut. Incredible power and comfort. Good for playability duration. 

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