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Article: Yonex EZONE 98 2022 Review

Yonex EZONE 98

Yonex EZONE 98 2022 Review


In its 7th generation, The Yonex EZONE 98 is a user friendly racket for intermediate to advanced players. The latest iteration features a navy-blue base with a premium gradient fading into a mint and sky blue. It retains its power and comfort, while introducing more precision for greater command of the ball. Yonex have created new technologies for this update, combining them with signature specifications, to create a top notch racket loaded with control and comfort. 


The key improvement to the Yonex EZONE 98 is the 2G - Namd Speed Graphite. High modulus graphite fibers are bound with a carbon nanotube (CNT) structure, reducing energy loss, which enables to transfer the energy into quick snapback. The feel of the racket has been boosted by an inverted frame design with a thinner frame face, and the Liner Tech increases flexibility. The Vibrating Dampening Mesh, shockless grommets, and new shaft design make the EZONE 98 a favorable option for comfort and control. 


Weight unstrung (+/-5g)

305 grams

Head size

98 sq in

Beam width

23/24.5/19.5 mm

Balance (+/- 5mm)

315 mm (Head light)

String pattern

16 x 19


27 in 




For groundstrokes, The EZONE 98 feels very forgiving from the baseline. The racket is easy to position and it feels more controlled/comfortable than the previous generations. With ample racket head speed, players can expect to whip shots at different angles and hit flat shots. Whether you're staying tight to the baseline or trading groundstrokes from a variety of positions, the sublime feel and specifications of the EZONE 98 gives easy access to topspin, while still allowing you to hit low and sliced backhands. It also provides an arm friendly and predictable response, for nice shot placement and a softer feel at impact. The racket works best for aggressive players, who strive for reliable control and consistency, without sacrificing a plush feel.


The updated feel shines at the net, for quick reflex situations. The stability,  maneuverability, and feel provides good access for delicate touch shots or offensive volleys. The racket holds up against hard hitters, and the extra beam width helps with the stability without sacrificing maneuverability. The EZONE 98 gives players plenty of options up at the net, offering variety for different game styles. Players may be surprised with the soft feel of the grip and the sturdiness of the frame.





The speed and spin-friendly nature of the EZONE 98 is ideal for accurate serving. Players should have the confidence to rely on first serve points, because of the consistent ball spin and comfortable feel. The pinpoint accuracy is a shining attribute here,  thanks to the nice swing weight and ample specifications. While there is a drastic increase of serve speed and easy power, the consistency the EZONE 98 provides for serving leads to consistent shots with fewer mistakes. The consistency carries on into the returning department, where players can swing big for low and deep returns. 


There is an abundance of control for depth and directional control and The EZONE provides a wonderful balance of guiding deep returns and offensive neutralizing returns. The easy swing weight complements the accuracy and plush feel, giving players confidence to hit their targets and attack a weak serve. It is a solid racket for all areas of the game. The increase in the beam width provides more stability, while still retaining the speedy user friendly swing weight of previous generations. Easy to use, ample control, modern feel, and good maneuverability makes this a great weapon for the all court player. 





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