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Article: Tennis is back, but which balls should you be using? Find out here!

Tennis is back, but which balls should you be using? Find out here!

Tennis is back, but which balls should you be using? Find out here!

Finally, tennis is back in the UK and this time it's here to stay! Here at All Things Tennis, we have reviewed different rackets, strings and professional players on our blog page. This time, we take a look at the best tennis balls to use for training, matchplay and juniors to get you off to the best possible start!



Although outdoor courts are open again in the UK, it may be a while before you take part in an official match. After months without playing, this is the perfect opportunity to get your timing back and hit lots of balls. Whether you are a beginner looking to improve from basket drills and repetition, or a full-time player making up for lost time on the court, you need the right type of ball to train with and meet your needs.

The Babolat Gold Academy Trainer balls are LTA-approved and ideal for players searching for a durable ball. The Academy Trainer balls are pressureless, which means that they last much longer than a regular ball. At £67.50 for 72 balls and next day delivery from All Things Tennis, the Babolat Academy balls are a great investment to maximise your training!


Babolat Gold Academy Trainer Tennis Balls


The Mantis Team tennis ball is also ideal for training purposes. Designed specifically for durability with a premium cloth and high quality rubber core, the Mantis Team has excellent likeness to a normal pressurised ball. However, due to the special cloth and core combination, the Mantis Team will not go flat and will maintain its shape, making it the perfect choice for hours of practice once you get back on court.



Once you have put the hours in back on court, you may want to get that competitive streak back by playing your rival or preparing for the summer grass court season. To give yourself the best chance of playing like a pro, All Things Tennis recommends the Head Tour – one of the world's leading brands for tournament-quality tennis balls. The Head Tour offers spin and control due to its specially designed Encore technology, and is very durable for a standard pressurised ball. Used at many of the top tournaments around the world, the Head Tour will suit your game regardless of how you like to play. With quantity discounts available on our website and next-day delivery, get your Head Tour balls now to start your competition season off in the right way.


 Head Tour Tennis Balls


For an equally high quality ball, try the Babolat Gold All Court tennis balls. As Babolat's best-selling ball and official ball of the LTA, this is a tried and tested product suited to matchplay for all levels. The Babolat Gold is widely used by club players due its excellent durability and feel, and is also available with next-day delivery from All Things Tennis. Great for all weather courts and comes with quantity discounts from our website!

Away from Head and Babolat, Mantis have developed a highly regarded range of tennis balls. The Mantis Tour product is ITF-approved and made from ultra-premium cloth to provide the ultimate durability and feel. With a specially designed high durability core, the Mantis Tour is suited to tough conditions and all surfaces.

Mantis Tour Tennis Balls



If you are a parent or coach looking to purchase the right balls for juniors or mini tennis players, there are plenty of options for you. The Head Tip range offers tennis balls suited to players at the red, orange and green ball development stages. Head design the balls with increasing likeness to a regular hard ball, with red being the softest option (75% slower than a standard ball), then orange (50% slower), and finally green (25% slower). Each stage of development is complemented by the ball and allows the player to build up gradually to a full court. Available in a bucket of 72 balls with next-day delivery from All Things Tennis!


Head Tip Tennis Balls


Like the Head Tip range, Mantis have also developed a three stage system for their range of junior tennis balls. The Mantis Stage 3 ball is designed for the mini red player, with a 75% slower feel than a regular ball. With high durability and good performance on all surfaces, this is a great option for adult beginners as well as mini players. The Mantis Stage 2 and Mantis Stage 1 follow the same progression as the Head Tip series, increasing in hardness and becoming more like a regular ball suited to a full court. All three of the Mantis products designed for juniors and adult beginners have excellent durability and are great value perfect to get you back on the court! (ATT) is the UK’s fastest growing dedicated tennis retailer. Tennishead readers receive an exclusive five per cent discount on all purchases from when using this coupon code: TENNISHEAD5. All rackets over £100 are entitled to a free premium string upgrade.

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