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Article: Play test and review of the new Dunlop SX 300 Lite and 300 LS


Play test and review of the new Dunlop SX 300 Lite and 300 LS

All things tennis have in collaboration with Tennishead magazine conducted a review of the new Dunlop SX 300 Tennis racket! The SX Range is the first new racket from Dunlop since the release of the iconic CX range – And a test and review is much needed!


Dunlop may be most known for their tennis balls – Exclusively partnered with ATP, and featured in a number of tournaments. Their Racket range however, have up until now been seen as somewhat limited when compared to other well known brands, such as Head and Babolat. With the new SX range however, Dunlop haveused their resources and knowledge to make the leap to create and launch a big racket range with top technology!


The background

When looking at how this racket compares to other well-known models we are told that this racket is intended to compete with the Babolat Pure Aero. It is clear that Dunlop have invested their resources into the development and research of the SX range, as well as a clever move to have someone with such an impressive CV, Serena Williams’ coach, Patrick Mouratoglou endorse the range.


The technology

The SX Range has been created for spin, and is represented by its name ‘SX’. This range has also been made to complement their previous range, the CX series, which was built for control. The spin aspect is applied to the racket through new spin grommets on the main 10 main strings. According to Dunlop, this allows the strings to move and slide on contact with the ball. The aim of this technology is to create a ball trajectory that is more controlled, and to add an extra bite to the ball when hitting shots that has a contact point slightly away from the middle, something most players have experienced!


The new SX series also benefits from another new technology which is focused on reducing the vibration on impact. This is done by developing a new foam which has a greater rebound quality and therefore reduces vibration.  The SX technology have also enlarged the sweet spot on the tennis racket. This is done through the ‘PowerGrid StringTech’ which distributes the power across the strings evenly.



The specifications

Dunlop SX 300 Lite

RRP = £145

Head size = 100 sq in

Weight = 270g

String pattern = 16/19


Dunlop SX 300 LS

RRP = £170

Head size = 100 sq in

Weight = 285g

String pattern = 16/19


Watch as our testers try out the Dunlop SX 300 Lite and LS


The play test feedback

For the play test, we gathered 4 of our most experienced testers. We chose experienced players as we wanted to really test the Dunlop SX 300 Lite and LS frames through the paces with hitters, whose games were matched with the specifications provided by Dunlop.


Our Testers are all confident in grinding it out from the baseline, as well as finishing the points effectively in the forecourt, and were excited to try the SX Rackets.


The play test started with our testers hitting groundstrokes from the baseline, where the ability to generate controlled topspin became immediately apparent. One of our testers commented “I really enjoyed this racket. It felt like a really smooth hit with a really solid contact point. I was able to generate nice power without losing control”

Another tester pointed out that we could hit aggressively while still remaining in control, and not worry about the ball going too far.

This notion was supported by several of our testers.


When moving up to hit volleys, our testers said that the racket allowed for a lot of control when reaching or volleys, and that the weight of the racket worked well for the manoeuvrability. It was also pointed out that the racket allowed for the desired touch on the volleys.

When it came to the overhead serves and smashes, there was a unanimous consensus, where the testers praised the frame. One of our testers found that she could get a lot of power on her topspin serve, whereas another commented that the frame provided good pop on the smashes and serves. One of the testers did also point out that although the frame allowed for a lot of power, he found himself having to take a bit off his serve as it sometimes went too long.

If you think about the new grommit technology in the SX 300 racket, do you think this has influenced your ability to generate spin?

One of our testers pointed out that his normal playing style is fairly flat, however, with the Dunlop racket he found himself getting spin without really having to try, and found the ball to land well inside the baseline. Another tester who normally plays with heavy topspin commented and said that this racket really suited his game, and felt constantly in control of the ball.

In terms of the design, it was agreed among the testers that the racket had a “Nice, cool look”.

When Comparing the Dunlop SX 300 to their current rackets, one of our testers who normally uses the Babolat Pure Strike said she found the Dunlop 300 racket to be a similar weight, but that the Dunlop SX 300 gave her more control and much more spin. Another tester (who normally uses the Wilson Blade V7) also found the that the Dunlop SX 300 gave him a lot more control than his current racket. He also commented that the Dunlop SX 300 did not feel as stiff as his current racket.

In conclusion

Based on the tets and the feedback from our experienced played, it seems that Dunlop have done a good job with the launch of the new SX rackets. Spin with control is a very ambitious and desired attributed among most modern tennis players, so for this racket to have performed so well in both areas of our test, must be encouraging for the manufacturers.

To read more and buy  - Click Here for the SX 300 LS, or Here for the SX 300 Lite

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