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Article: Head Graphene 360 Radical MP play test and review

Head Radical

Head Graphene 360 Radical MP play test and review

All things tennis have in collaboration with Tennishead conducted a play test and review of the legendary Head Graphene 360 Radical MP. The racket is famously endorsed by Andy Murray and is built to be an all-round racket, with good spin ability. We decided to test and review the latest advanced rackets on the market to see what the difference is between 8 of the top brands on the market including the Head Radical Graphene 360 MP



Background to the Head Graphene 360 Radical MP

With its unique combination of technology and engineering, HEAD’s new Graphene 360 Radical racquet series is built to adapt to the individual needs and preferences of the versatile all-court player.

The versatility that the Radical range benefits of, comes from a unique combination of a dynamic string pattern, a tapered beam design and well balanced specifications. Combined, these attributes makes for the perfect all-round weapon – for all-court players! The Graphene 360 technology adds greater stability and optimised energy transfer which results in more power and as a consequence, more speed. The new Radical range also benefits from the asymmetrical colour-blocking design, making it truly eye-catching

The Radical MP comes with the graphene 360 technology. The dynamic string pattern (16x19) enhances playability and spin potential. This racket is made for the intermediate/advanced all-court player who’s looking for the ultimate combination of power and handling. The Radical MP is suitable for tournament players, and due to the incredible versatility of the racket, there is no shot you can’t play!


Technical specifications

RRP ⇒ £200

Head size ⇒ 98sq inches

Weight ⇒ 295g

String pattern ⇒16×19

Balance ⇒ 320mm

Beam ⇒ 20mm/23mm/21mm

Length ⇒ 27in

String tension ⇒ 48-57lbs / 22-26kg


Graphene 360 technology:

The Graphene 360 forms the structural base of the racquet, strategically positioned in the shaft and extending into the racquet head. This technology means added strength to the frame, as well as it adds greater stability and optimised energy transfer at contact point from racket to ball. By adding this technology, Head aims to maximise the power of the players game.


The play test

After the play test, our tester commented that when compared to his current racket (Head Speed) he found the Radical MP to be somewhat stiffer, with a fairly dense frame. It was also pointed out that the tester felt the racket was designed for someone with good timing, as he found the racket to be better when the timing was perfect.

The Radical, with this eye-catching fresh paint job, is a lively option for those who canvass the net and look to close off the point quickly. On the serve there are plenty of cheap points to be won, those who are able to manoeuvre the racket at pace to send opponents immediately onto the back foot.

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