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Article: How to find the right HEAD racket to suit your game – Part 1

How to find the right HEAD racket to suit your game – Part 1

HEAD have long been at the forefront of racket technology. Their rackets are used widely both at club level and by professional players, including Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray and Ashleigh Barty. Ross Batten, the owner of All Things Tennis, casts an expert eye over three Head ranges, the Gravity, Radical and Speed


Alexander Zverev endorses the Gravity, which is the latest addition to Head’s range. It provides the most flexible feel among Head rackets and has a unique teardrop shape that is suited to the modern game.

The most control-orientated models in the range are the Pro and the Tour, which weigh 315 grams and 305 grams respectively. Thanks to their additional weight and 18 x 20 string pattern, they provide the best demonstration of

the Gravity’s unique qualities. However, they are best suited to advanced players who are comfortable handling heavier rackets.

Intermediate or advanced players who like rackets under 300 grams may prefer the Gravity MP, which weighs 295 grams, or even the Gravity S, which weighs just 285 grams. They are feel-orientated rackets with added manoeuvrability, though they lack the stability of the Pro.

Juniors transitioning to their first adult frames should go for the Gravity Lite, which weighs 270 grams and has a slightly larger head at 102 square inches. A full graphite model of the Gravity is available in rackets with 26-inch and 25-inch long heads, while a graphite composite model is available in 23-inch and 21-inch sizes.


 The Radical has been Head’s best-selling racket over the past 27 years. First released in 1993, it was created with one player in mind: Andre Agassi, who had great success with it. The racket’s finest quality is its versatility, because the Radical does everything. It is due a major upgrade next year to take advantage of the latest graphene 360+ technology.

Like the Gravity, the Radical is available in a range of weights. They all come with a 16 x 19 string pattern to make the racket more powerful and o er more spin. The heaviest Radical, the Pro, weighs 310 grams and offers a nice balance of stability and playability that advanced players will enjoy. The most popular in the range is the MP, which weighs 295 grams. Given its weight, it is surprisingly stable and will stand up to even the heaviest hitters.

The S model suits intermediate players looking for a control-orientated racket at a manageable weight. Indeed, we consider it to be the best control-orientated racket available for intermediates. Players looking for a racket that is easier to swing than the S should look at the Radical Lite. Weighing just 260 grams, it is also perfect for juniors transitioning to their first adult frame.


 In recent years the Speed has emerged as Head’s best-selling racket. Perfectly suited to the modern baseline game, it feels fast in your hand but is also very stable. It offers great feel and control while still generating enough power to dominate points. The Speed has been crafted for a perfect balance of power and precision, using feedback from Novak Djokovic.

Like the Gravity range, the Speed offers a choice of string pattern while keeping the same head size (100 square inches). The Pro, weighing 310 grams, offers the best control, with an 18 x 20 string pattern, and is the best Speed racket for advanced level players.

Those looking for all the benefits of the Speed range with added spin and power on their strokes and extra manoeuvrability should choose the MP model. It weighs 300 grams unstrung and has a more open 16 x 19 string pattern. It is used extensively by advanced level players but is also suitable for intermediates due to its fast feel.

Go to any tournament involving players under the age of 15 and the S is a firm favourite. Younger players or those looking for the most manoeuvrability can enjoy the Speed Lite, which weighs 265 grams but still has a head measuring 100 square inches.

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