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Article: Head Prestige Tour Review

Head Prestige Tour
HEAD Prestige

Head Prestige Tour Review


New tricks from the old dog.


A line of racquets that surfaced in the 80’s, The Head Prestige Tour  is a solid all-rounder for amateurs and professional players, with its strong focus on precision and control. This new innovation by Head is an update of the Graphene 360+ Prestige Pro, that combines familiarity with new Auxetic Technology. Located in the yoke, this new technology strengthens at each point of contact, widening when a pull force is applied and contracting when squeezed.


The Prestige Tour is 315g, and it has an old school headlight balance, a 95 square inch head, along with a 16/19 string pattern. Described by advanced players as a seamless update, Head once again assures that old is gold (with some new jewels)


The old school nature of the 95 square inch head allows net rushers to set up optimal volleying positions, even when rushed by passing shots. The full cap gromet provides that ‘addictive’ sound upon impact, and head size is very mobile around the four court.


Players have the option to create a lot of different serves, such as the kick serve, the slicer, and a flat serve without any added strain on the arms. The rackets stability and precise flex is a perfect fit for advanced players who crave control and that effortless feel. Simply put, The Head Prestige Tour is engineered for the seasonal player who is looking for a racquet that enables them to play precisely how they wish. 


Fans of the previous generation (The Prestige Pro) should consider picking up this new racket. Its old school cosmetic, extra weight, new technology and extra power gives seasonal players a bit more oomph to their game. And for those who prefer a smaller head size, The Prestige Tour is the choice for you.



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