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Article: Head Prestige MP Lite 2021 Review

Head Prestige MPL

Head Prestige MP Lite 2021 Review


Head Prestige MP Lite 2021A lighter way to strike


With a 99 square inch head size, this airy racket retains the diverse playability of previous generations. In 2021, Head introduced the Auxetic technology, a unique construction that expands and contracts the stringbed upon impact, for a sensational feel. With the Head Prestige MP Lite, the lightest racket in the Prestige range, ambitious players can expect a fresh, premium lightweight design designed for easy precision and power.


Players who enjoy hitting acute topspin and flat balls will find the Prestige MPL particularly useful. The 300g weight can help players compete against opponents who hit heavy balls. It provides stability to deal with heavy balls and increased speeds, and players who enjoy venturing towards the net will enjoy the feel of the racket and its smooth volleying abilities.



For groundstrokes, the extra topspin generated by the Head Prestige MPL is excellent. The head size (99 square inches), along with the classic thin frame, can raise the ball over the net and come down with a much greater curve. This can force the opponent to defend, due to the high topspin forcing them back. Likewise, the racket accelerates through contact with ease and provides a substantial feel with great touch, allowing players to scramble on defence or hit effective shots on the run.


The MPL provides a hard, flat serve and the larger frame size generates more topspin. The frame can also be very dependable during volleys, deflecting fast balls and offering more control for delicate touches, such as drop shots and slow returns. The Auxetic technology comes into play for these types of situations, offering a shielding quality to the racket.


Against fast servers, players may need to consider their returning positions. While positioned closer to the baseline, it can be difficult to maneuverer the racket to your liking. However, against slow servers, the MPL is great due to the stability of the racket. The overall power of the racket can encourage players to unload the ball, and boss players around the court. And in doing so, you’ll look good doing it. The aesthetics of the racket are undoubtedly classy, from the brushed carbon look to the translucent colour schemes.



Weight unstrung (+/-5g)

300 grams

Head size

99 sq in

Beam width


Balance (+/- 5mm)


String pattern

16 x 19


27 in 




 The MPL is geared toward intermediate, advanced players, and players who are looking for more stability or easy power. While it is not recommended for beginners because of the level of precision you are dealing with, players can still practice with it, and maybe customise it their needs, for example: using a leather grip, or some tape. It could be argued that it is a platform racket: An experimental racket for an intermediate player, that you can customise to find the right playing style.


For those who like the Prestige feel and those who struggle to generate power, this racket can provide a crisp ball-striking performance. One can use poly or open string patterns due its control. Intermediate to advanced players will appreciate the racquet's competitive characteristics, that includes a good all-court game and the ability to strike deadly amounts of power, with a lighter weapon of choice.



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