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Article: Yonex V Core Pro 97: Styles and Setups

Yonex V Core Pro 97

Yonex V Core Pro 97: Styles and Setups


The Yonex V Core Pro 97

Ability: Intermediate or Advanced

Styles: Offensive, Net rushers , Baseliners, all round

Recommended strings: Full polyester or hybrid

For those: Who are looking for control, precision, and a dampened feel.


It's hard to go wrong with the Yonex V Core Pro 97 for someone who is looking for an arm-friendly racket with enough power and spin potential. The V Core Pro 97 is a significant tennis racket because of its Flex Con technology, which allows for more flexible carbon materials to be used in strategic locations. This gives the frame an impressive amount of power from the baseline while also remaining equally impressive up at the net.


Players that generate most of the power themselves by hitting flatter shots while persistently attacking the net will appreciate The V Core Pro's dampened feel. Those who are looking for topspin, and those who revolve their game around spin in general, should probably consider the V Core 100 instead. That frame provides more spin, especially for nasty slices.


Despite that, The V Core Pro 97 offers an impressive blend of controlled power, accessible spin and comfortable feel. Its easy maneuverability and strong accuracy is suitable for offensive players who need to control shot placement, at controlled launch angle. Although this lighter version (310 grams) isn't as powerful as heavier rackets, there is plenty of options for players to customize with different setups, therefore making it a good all rounder for a variety of playing styles. 


Full polyester strings or a hybrid setup will add to the control of this racket, increasing topspin potential. They have a slicker texture and while they are quite firm, the spin potential is unmatched. They will snapback into place reliably, which can help grip the ball for more spin. The recommended tension for the Yonex V Core Pro 97 is 45-60 pounds. Head Lynx 200m Strings provide a lively touch and control for an offensive player. 


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Yonex V Core Pro 97

History of the Yonex V Core Pro 97

The Yonex V Core Pro 97 is a very unique racket, and it has come such a long way since its first release (in the 1980s) as the V Core 100

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V Core Pro 97

Pros endorsing the Yonex V Core Pro 97

As described by Yonex, the V Core Pro 97 is a racket "for experienced and advanced players looking for a flexible racquet with precision and feel".

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