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Article: Tecnifibre T-Rebound 298 Iga Review

Tecnifibre T-Rebound 298 Iga

Tecnifibre T-Rebound 298 Iga Review


In 2021, Tecnifibre partnered with 2020 French Open Winner Iga Świątek, delivering a modern racket loaded with speed, precision, and spin. The T-Rebound 298 IGA is an impressive choice for the intermediate player, and it is solely endorsed by rising Polish phenomenon, Iga Świątek.


The T-Rebound 298 combines a user friendly layup with Dynacore XTC, a insertion of XTC fiber, polyester and aluminum filaments to dampen any harsh vibrations from playing aggressively at the baseline. At 298g, the racket is quick in hand, while providing a solid feel on impact.


Weight unstrung (+/-5g)

298 grams

Head size

98 sq in

Beam width

23/23/23 mm

Balance (+/- 5mm)

319 mm (Head light)

String pattern

16 x 19


27 in 




From the baseline, The T-Rebound swings fast, offering great spin potential and controllable power. What makes the racket unique is the 298g weight. It plays like a 300g racket but it is maneuverable for launch angles, slices, and depth. The T-Rebound offers the benefits of a stiffer frame without an overly uncomfortable feel.


For groundstrokes it offers a complete a package with great access to topspin. It's stable, great on slice,  and it offers nice feel and control to create consistent shots and improve shot placement. Versatile players or baseliners may struggle against big hitters, but the T-Rebound 298 Iga plays comfortably at the baseline, offering a wide range of ways to throw your opponent off guard. Full swings showcase the best attributes of this racket (power, spin, feel, accuracy, with some players reporting that shortened backswings can lead to instability. Despite that, the racket performs well outside the sweet spot, and the spin, feel, and power provide nice pop for solid groundstrokes. 


Up at the net, the 298g weight ensures smooth transitions without sacrificing stability. The racket is easy to maneuver for block and touch volleys, and it is straight forward to position it to your liking. It feels firm, but light enough to hit at different angles. Swinging volleys are great, and shot direction is easy due to the versatile stringed and unique weight.


Tecnifibre T-Rebound 298 Iga 


With its user-friendly maneuverability, serving is seamless with the Tecnifibre T-Rebound 298 Iga. It's easy to swing overhead and generate racket head speed. While not as powerful as the Pure Drive, there is boost to be found on flat serves, creating a sense of explosive ball movement and good shot placement. Players can get great spin on their kick serve and great pop on their flat serves. Those who are used to stiffer rackets can manipulate more movement out of their serves, to kick serve, slice easier and target their spots with confidence.


Similarly to groundstrokes, fans of aggressive styles of tennis will love The T-Rebounds returning ability. Shot placement is not an issue, and players should find it easy to make full swings, slice back serves, and land balls deep at the baseline. Generating head speed is a breeze, creating options for spin and power for offensive and defensive returns.


All in all, The Tecnifibre T-Rebound 298 Iga is a versatile mid range racket that provides all court playability for intermediate and advanced players. There is easy access to spin, with controllable power, easy accuracy, and adequate stability. These important attributes makes it solid performer from around the court, especially for aggressive players.

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