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Article: Pros using the Dunlop CX 200

Dunlop CX 200

Pros using the Dunlop CX 200


As mentioned in our main reviewThe Dunlop CX 200 is a consistent performer from the baseline, offering a traditional feel and an easy swing weight. Two professional players on the ATP tour endorse the Dunlop CX 200 series, which is known for giving professionals the control and precision they need. 


Kevin Anderson

At 6 foot 8 inches, The South African tennis player is well able to generate power himself. The Dunlop CX 200 helps with his control and precision, providing him with the tools to craft his well rounded game. He uses his serve and forehand aggressively, rarely backing off behind the baseline. His groundstrokes are flat, relying on his forehand to win the point, as he doesn't rush up to the net very often. He drives through the ball, relying on power and control to win the game. 

Anderson also has a massive serve, reaching speeds of over 110 kph even on the second delivery. It comes as no surprise that he hits a lot of aces on the tour. Along with a massive serve, Anderson's flat forehand is very powerful, using his height to hit down on the ball, producing a shot with flat power. He's won 7 ATP singles titles, and he reached a career high ranking of world number 5 in 2018. He also played the second-longest match in the history of major tournaments at Wimbledon in 2018, against John Isner.


Liam Broady

Liam Broady is the current British number 4 , and he plays on the ATP Tour. His favorite shot to play is the volley, and he prefers hard surfaces,  but his favorite tournament is Wimbledon. He won his first challenger title in 2021, and he upset seventh seeded Wimbledon semi-finalist Hubert Hurkacz at the Olympics.

Broady has a nice left handed and two handed backhand, which he uses quite regularly. Broady plays with the Dunlop CX 200 Tour, a racket that is designed for big swings. It allows for aggressive shots without fear of over hitting and it has excellent feel. 

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Dunlop SX 300

Pros using the Dunlop SX 300

Two professional players on the ATP tour use the Dunlop SX 300, which is a topspin orientated racket. 

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