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Professional Players who endorse the Tecnifibre T-Rebound IGA

Posted on March 08 2022

Professional Players who endorse the Tecnifibre T-Rebound IGA


In 2021, Tecnifibre partnered with 2020 French Open Winner Iga Świątek, delivering a modern racket loaded with speed, precision, and spin. The T-Rebound 298 IGA is an impressive choice for the intermediate player, and it is solely endorsed by the rising Polish phenomenon, Iga Świątek.


Iga Świątek is the youngest WTA tour tennis player to be ranked in the world’s top 10, as of March 2022. She is also the youngest player since Maria Sharapova to win a grand slam (2020 French Open) Świątek has an aggressive, all-court style of play, hitting winners and driving out unforced errors. Her backhand is faster than any player except Jannik Sinner.


Świątek is a versatile player, who can construct points carefully while also aiming to finish at the net. Her exceptional speed, movement, court coverage, and intricate footwork, highlights her intelligent point construction. While she uses these attributes to play aggressively, she is careful and patient until an opportunity arises to hit a winner.


She won the WTA Fan Favourite Shot of the Year in 2019 with a drop shot from the baseline and was voted WTA Fan Favourite Singles Player of the Year in 2020.Known for positive attitude under pressure, Swiątek often yells ''Jazda!'' when she wins an important point, meaning ''Let's go!'' in English.