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Article: How to Choose the Right Tennis Bag for You

How to Choose the Right Tennis Bag for You

How to Choose the Right Tennis Bag for You


Choosing a tennis bag can be overwhelming. For those of you who are long time tennis consumers and know exactly what breed of cow you want your gut tennis string to come from, you’ll probably know everything written in this blog. For those of you who are slightly overwhelmed by the choice on offer when it comes to tennis bags, this blog may help shed some light on the different types of tennis luggage and what might work for you.


3 Racket Bag – Casual Player


If you enjoy playing tennis every so often and don't want to take things too seriously (or be seen to take things to seriously), then a simple 3 Racket bag is the way to go. You'll be able to carry up to 3 rackets but if you only have 1 racket then you'll have more space for spare clothes and other accessories. Most 3 Racket bags come with outside zipper pockets where you can keep your phone, water bottle etc. 

The Head Tour Team Pro 3 Racket Bag is one of our favourites. It has two mesh pockets as well as the main compartment, not to mention the sleek design.

6 Racket Bag - Club Player


If you play more regularly and need more space for your equipment, a standard 6 racket bag will suffice. 6 Racket bags allow you to carry around a lot of equipment but don't look bulky and they aren't too cumbersome. You'll have room for your rackets, a change of clothes, spare shoes and more.


The Solinco 6-Pack Tour Bag can hold up to 6 rackets and still have room for a pair of shoes plus other accessories. Its bold neon green design is guaranteed to turn heads at your local club, in the best possible way of course!

Alternatively, the Head Gravity r-PET Sports Bag is a more versatile choice for the keen tennis player who may also play other sports or frequent the gym. Its adjustable compartments mean it can act as both a racket bag and a simple one compartment sports bag.

12 Racket Bag - Tournament Player


If you're serious about tennis, then you need a serious bag. A 12 racket tennis bag will hold everything you could possibly want when on a tennis court. They are also ideal for traveling as you can pack clothes and toiletries with room to spare! You need to be prepared for anything if you're competing at tournaments and you'll need a suitable bag to keep you match ready.


The Head Gravity 12 Racket Duffel Bag is a solid choice for any serious tennis player. It features a large main compartment with adjustable dividers, a ventilated shoe compartment, 2 inside zipper pockets and 2 outside accessory pockets. Like the r-PET Sports bag the Gravity Duffel can also be used as a one compartment sports bag if you wanted.



Tennis backpacks are ideal for sneaking in a tennis game after work/school and are perfect for tennis players on the move. They can hold up to 2 rackets and are relatively inconspicuous, if you don't want to be seen lugging a big tennis bag on the train.


The Head Gravity Backpack beautifully combines style and substance with its understated design. You can comfortably carry both tennis equipment and laptop 'work stuff' all in the one bag.

Written by Aron Dochard


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