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Head Gravity MP 2021 Review

Posted on September 07 2021

Head Gravity MP 2021 Review

The Head Graphene 360+ Gravity MP (2021) is a mid-weight players racket with a unique set of specs. I’ve been excited to try this racket out and I must say, I’m impressed.  


Control – 10/10


With a relatively thin 22mm beam and 16x20 string pattern, the Gravity MP is tailored towards players who value control. What makes the Gravity MP stand out is the incredible feel you get with this frame; it’s got a soft flex that allows you to really ‘pocket’ the ball when swinging through your shots. I had no problems putting the ball exactly where I wanted when I hit with this racket, nothing to complain about here.


Power – 8/10


If you’re an intermediate/advanced player then generating power with this racket shouldn’t be much of an issue. Although it is control oriented, the Gravity MP weighs 295g with a 325mm head light balance so it’s perfect for players who can generate fast racket head speed when attacking the ball. I found the Sweet Zone technology to really make a difference when I hit with this racket, it’s 100 square inch head size combined with it’s ‘tear drop’ shape makes it extremely forgiving whilst remaining precise and stable. If you struggle to generate pace on your shots naturally, this racket may be a little underpowered for you, but I found it to be a great balance of control, feel and power.


Cosmetic – 9/10

Head Graphene 360+ Gravity MP (2021) - ZVEREV

The Gravity cosmetic is another unique aspect to this line of rackets, it features a two-coloured flip paint job that reminds me of a ping pong bat (in the best possible way). It’s a nice way to make a bit of a colourful statement on court without attracting too many eyeballs. I’d say, the Head Gravity is a classy but fun looking frame.



Overall – 9/10


Overall, I really like this racket. It gives me great feel from all areas of the court and allows me to play with freedom knowing that I’ve got complete control over the ball. If you’re an intermediate/advanced player who feels comfortable generating your own pace, this may well be the racket for you.


But don’t take my word for it, demo the Head Gravity MP for FREE at All Things Tennis. If you’re local to Windsor then head to the store and pick up a demo racket, if you live further afield then email and we’ll send you one to try out.


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Written by Aron Dochard