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Head Extreme Team – The Ideal Adult Beginners Racket

Posted on October 14 2021

Head Extreme Team – The Ideal Adult Beginners Racket


The Extreme range by Head is often overlooked by beginner players. Without the legendary name like Radical or Speed, the Extreme line often doesn’t catch the attention of people just getting into the sport of tennis. Tennis fanatics, however, will tell you that the Extreme range by Head is a force to be reckoned with. With players like Matteo Berrettini, Richard Gasquet and Barbora Krejcikova all endorsing an Extreme racket. The extreme range is known for providing great access to topspin whilst still retaining great feel and precision.


The Head Graphene 360+ Extreme Team has all the technology and benefits of other Extreme models, but it has been tailored specifically to be beginner friendly. The 255g weight makes it easy to swing through the air and the enlarged 105-inch head size is perfect for beginners looking to get their eye in.


The Extreme Team, like the other Extreme rackets, is extremely spin friendly. The 16x19 string pattern allows you to brush up the ball and generate effortless topspin and the Graphene 360+ technology will give you enhanced feel and flexibility. If you’re looking for a little inspiration, just look up Richard Gasquet backhands and you’ll see how he uses his Extreme racket to maximise spin!


Head Graphene 360+ Extreme Team - Gasquet


As with most beginner adult frames, they make great transition rackets for juniors moving to their first 27-inch sized frame. The light weight and large sweetspot will be easy on a young arm but provide a junior with great manoeuvrability to continue developing their shots. With topspin being a hallmark of all tennis technique these days, the Extreme Team is ideal for getting to grips with generating spin. The racket will give you that extra helping hand as players learn to brush up the back of the ball.


Grab yours today and make sure you peruse our string upgrade option too!


Written by Aron Dochard