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Yonex V Core Pro Game

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The lightest racket in the range, The V Core Pro Game can provide ambitious players with great power, due to its thicker beam and balance point.

New technologies include the Flex Force and Flex Fuse, which combine to form the FlexCon system.

Flex Fuse  

A shock-absorbing polymer integrated into the graphite for a softer feeling without harsh vibrations. 

Flex Force

Allows the graphite to snap back, creating more spin and ball acceleration off the string bed. 

Flex Con System

For racket flex and feel.  An elongated box-frame shaft is composed of Flex Force and Flex Fuse graphite for precise control of the ball

Returning technologies include the VDM, Lock Booster Grommet system, and the iconic isometric head system, all designed for greater spin, ball control and comfort. 


Head Size 100
Weight 270 g 
Grip Size 0 - 4
Length 27 in.
Width Range 23 mm - 24 mm - 23 mm
Balance Point 345 mm
Composition VDM / Nanomesh NEO
Colour Green / Purple