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Yonex EZone 98 (285g) Tennis Racket

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Frame Only

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Enhanced Sweetspot, Explosive Power and Unmatched Comfort.

Tweaking an already fantastic racket, the latest version of Yonex's EZONE 98 LG has an outstanding combination of comfort, precision and touch, making it one of the best rackets on the market. At 285g weight and a 330mm balance, the EZONE 98 LG is 20g lighter than the standard EZONE 98, providing more power and a more manoeuvrable racket for intermediate players, in addition to providing fast, crisp shots, allowing you to take big swings at the ball with excellent spin potential, while providing quick reactions for volleys at the net and plenty of touch for dropping the ball.

Introducing Yonex EZONE, created to update and continue the outstanding success of the EZONE AI and EZONE DR ranges. Yonex EZONE includes an updated Isometric head shape, which provides a larger sweetspot than previous editions. Additionally, Yonex have introduced Micro Offset Layout technology to the grommet system, providing players with more comfort by allowing the strings to absorb greater vibration at impact. Yonex have also introduced Hyper-MG, an ultra firm hyper modulus graphite to reinforce the upper hoop. This results in less frame bending at impact, providing more power for strokes.

Yonex's new EZONE range features Nanometric DR, a material developed by Toray Industries for spacecrafts. Applied to the racket, this material increases ball speed by 7% compared to graphite only constructions. This is achieved by increasing the flexural strength by 15% over graphite only frames (6.5% over EZONE AI range). The result is that get a racket that flexes more and snaps back quicker for dynamic power and better stability. Yonex EZONE also include the fantastic Quake Shut Gel Air and Shockless Grommet System to minimise muscle fatigue and absorb impact shock.


Made in Japan.


Strung or Unstrung? Unstrung
Weight Unstrung (+/- 5g) 285
Head Size in Sq. in 98
Beam Width 23/24/19 mm Tapered Beam
Balance (+/- 5mm) 330 mm
String Pattern 16x19
Length 27
Stringing Tension Range 50-60 lbs
Composition HM Graphite, Hyper-MG, Nanometric DR, Quake Shut Gel Air