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Tecnifibre TF40 305g Tennis Racket

£210.00 £154.99

FREE premium stringing upgrade worth  £30! 
Choose from Babolat RPM Blast, Solinco Tour Bite, Tecnifibre Synthetic gut, or Hybrid!
Tension: Please tell us your desired tension during check-out in the "Notes".    Not sure what strings to pick? Click HERE for our stringing guide!

User Benefits : Control - Stability - Touch

The Tecnifibre TF40 305g tennis racket comes unstrung and is ideal for players who are looking for accuracy and a truly elegant racket!

The 305g weight and the 32.5cm balance ensure stability at impact with the ball and will enable you to master your trajectory. Meanwhile, you will be able to quickly accelerate your racket head and obtain extra spin on your shots. 

The 630cm² head size will not forgive you when you do not hit the ball in the centre of the strings. Nevertheless, this head size provides extraordinary control and will limit your natural power. 

The 18x20 string pattern enhances accuracy and will allow you to move your opponents around ! The thin and squared beam will improve frame stability and your touch at the net when you want to hit a drop shot. 

Technologies : 

- Geometry RS Section : squared beam to increase racketstability     
- Dynacore XTC : aluminium alloy and polyester are present in the frame to disperse waves in a multidirectional manner and enhance comfort  
- Xtense BG : enlarged grommets and bumper to ensure more string protection and be very easy to string   

Type of Player

- expert and pro level players who are looking for a maximum amount of control 


Strung or Unstrung Unstrung
Weight Unstrung (+/- 5g) 305
Head Size in Square Inches 98
Beam Width 21.7 mm
Balance (+/- 5mm) 325 mm (Head Light)
String Pattern 18x20
Length 27 inches
Composition Graphite