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Tecnifibre T-Flash 285 CES

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Racket Detail - Tecnifibre T-Flash 285 CES

Discover the Tecnifibre T-Flash CES 285g racket. This product has evolved and now has better feeling of play thanks to technologies that optimise comfort and stability when taking shots. The new look combining black, white, and green gives character to these rackets to promote an offensive game of risk taking.

The Tecnifibre T-Flash 285 CES weighs 285g and is perfectly balanced (33 cm). The T-Flash is a stable racket, very manoeuvrable, and it will allow you to easily offset strong competitor shots!

The head size of 645 cm² is more tolerant than previous models due to the new String link technology. The String link technology reduces the impact of miss hits while at the same time giving you powerful shots within court boundaries.The open string pattern 16x19 will give you spin to push your competitor far behind the baseline along with intense power in your shots. 

Strung or Unstrung?


Weight Unstrung (+/- 5g)


Head Size in Square Inches


Beam Width

25/26.6/24.7 mm

Balance (+/- 5mm)

330 mm (Head Light)

String Pattern



27 inches



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