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Prince Phantom 93P 14x18 325g

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Product Detail - Prince Phantom 93P 14x18 325g:

This Prince Phantom 93P 14x18 racket is ideal for players who are looking for total control! This racquet range is equipped with the thinnest beam on the market in order to enable you to benefit from excellent feel and extraordinary precision! The low amount of stiffness will ensure more comfort on each shot. This 93P version offers the metallic violet colour. 

The Prince Phantom racket range is still able to offer one of the lowest amounts of stiffness on the market. The beam is also extremely thin (20-16 mm) in order to bring you a maximum amount of accuracy on each shot. Be ready to hit all 4 corners of the court!

This version is equipped with 325g of weight and a balance of 310mm in order to put forth stability and allow you to dominate points with accurate shots. 


Strung or Unstrung? Unstrung (Optional free string upgrade)
Weight Unstrung (+/- 5g) 325 
Head Size in Square Inches 93
Beam Width 22-16mm
Balance (+/- 5mm)
310 mm
String Pattern 14x18
Length 27 Inches
Composition Graphite