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MANTIS 265 CS III Tennis Racket

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The MANTIS 265 Competition Series (CS) III offers an excellent balance of power and control and is the perfect racket for a junior player of around 10-14 years old, or an adult club player with a slow-medium paced swing, who also likes a lightweight and easily manoeuvrable frame.

During the product development stage of this third generation model we carefully focussed on the weight, balance and swingweight to produce an ideally balanced frame that doesn't feel too head-heavy when compared to a number of similar specification rackets. Additionally the new 265 CS III is exceptionally soft, providing a forgiving feel on contact with the ball.

As per all other rackets in the range, the MANTIS 265 CS III now facilitates the use of advanced stringing techniques by highlighting the larger string tie-off holes.

A new bold fluoro orange colour combined with a classic matt white finish makes the racket stand out from the crowd.


Material 100% HM Carbon
Weight 285g
Head Size 100 Square Inches
String Pattern 16x19
Balance 325mm