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Head Sonic Pro Edge Tennis String 200m Reel

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Poly string with additives for extra power and feel.

  • Colour: Anthracite (Grey)
  • Construction: Co-Polymer monogut (extruded pentagonal shape)

Sonic Pro Edge from Head is lively and powerful poly strings for big hitters. On testing them here at, we found them to be one of the softest and most powerful polyester strings we have tried. Its pentagonal shape offers great bite on the ball with superb results with topspin hitters.

A derivative of the extremely popular Sonic Pro strings, this string has additives to its co-polymer monogut construction that give it a lively and comfortable feel. By no means is it as soft as a multi-filament but it does present a more powerful and controlled option for a big-hitters who are looking for a soft but durable option. Conversely, thus would also be a great option for players who don't break strings regularly but would prefer something more durable than multifilaments all the same.

Length: 200m