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On Court : 

The Head Sprint Pro shoes come in a 3.0 version and offer even better quality! 

Dynamism and cushioning are optimised as the shoes possess the Tri N-R-G technology. This technology absorbs shocks and effectively redistributes energy in order to allow you to quickly push off the ground.

Support is ensured by the Lateral Control and Delta Strap features. Meanwhile, the Cooling System will put forth additional breathability. Be ready to give it your all on each and every point!

Technical Details :

Tri N-R-G : triple technology for triple the effect : shock cushioning at the heel level, mid-foot stabilisation and energy redistribution
Drift Defense : reinforcement in the front and in the interior part of the foot for more durability    
Cooling System : optimal breathability thanks to the perforations within the outsole and a vamp in mesh 
Lateral Control : addition of lateral stabilisers to help you slide 
Heelstab 180° : piece of TPU to enhance heel support  
Sock Support : elastic structure to be as close to your foot as possible 
Delta Strap : piece connects the laces to the sole to effectively stabilise the foot