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Head Graphene 360+ Gravity MP Lite

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Product Detail - Head Graphene 360+ Gravity MP Lite

The Gravity MP Lite attempts to mimic the Gravity MP, with the exception of being a lighter weight at 280g. This opens up a competitive spec racket to all levels of players looking for lighter-weight options.

A key feature of the Gravity MP Lite is its enormous sweet-spot which exists primarily as a result of the rounder head-shape.

Hitting with the racket remains enjoyable throughout matches and long practice sessions thanks to the soft arm-friendly feel. The updated Graphene 360+ technology will allow the frame to flex as the Spiralfibres stretch and untwist meaning better energy transfer within the racket, and less impact on the arm.

The colourway is also sure to be a talking point of the racket at your local club, with its two-sided teal and red design.

Strung or Unstrung? Strung in HEAD Lynx 17
Weight Unstrung (+/- 5g) 280
Head Size in Sq. in 100
Beam Width 22 mm
Balance (+/- 5mm) 325 mm (Head Light)
String Pattern 16x20
Length 27
Stringing Tension Range 48-57 lbs
Composition Graphite, Graphene 360+