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Head Tennis Racket

Head Graphene 360+ Extreme MP Nite

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Racket Detail - Head Graphene 360+ Extreme MP Nite

The Extreme Nite is a 2021 update to the popular Extreme series, featuring an all new limited edition black design inspired by New York nightlife. The MP model in the Extreme Range is the classic 300g, with a 100 size head which is destined to be the most popular model with players of all standards, particularly experienced players. The racket benefits from the newest Graphene 360+ technology, allowing for increased feel and flexibility. 

The whole Extreme range also benefits from specially designed spin grommets, allowing for the strings to move more upon impact with the ball, improving the grip of the ball. This along with the open 16x19 string pattern, makes for a top-spin friendly racket

Strung or Unstrung?

Strung - optional string upgrade

Weight unstrung (+/- 5g)


Head size in square inches


Beam width


Balance (+/- 5mm)


String pattern



27 inches 


Graphite, Graphene 360+


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