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HEAD Boom MP (2022)
HEAD Boom MP (2022)
HEAD Boom MP (2022)
HEAD Boom MP (2022)
HEAD Boom MP (2022)
HEAD Boom MP (2022)
HEAD Boom MP (2022)
HEAD Boom MP (2022)
HEAD Boom MP (2022)
HEAD Boom MP (2022)

HEAD Boom MP (2022)

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The HEAD Boom MP (2022) is the newest addition to the HEAD family, and is a really unique racket. Suitable for intermediates and advanced players who are looking for a powerful racket that does not feel uncontrollable. 

Brand > HEAD

Colour >  Mint/Black

Suitable For >  Intermediates/advanced

Endorsed By >  Coco Gauff, Lorenzo Muzetti

When we first picked up the HEAD Boom MP (2022), we realised this racket offered a completely different feel from any other HEAD rackets. The power generation we got from this racket was incredible, and due to the slightly different head shape, it was very forgiving. 

The combination of a thinner, elongated box-beam shaft, often associated with more traditional controlled frames, and the powerful head, made this a really fun racket to play with. A couple of our testers noted that the feel and "pop" of the HEAD Boom MP (2022) was really addictive, as well as comfortable to play with. 

One thing I found surprising when testing the racket myself, was how easy it was to adapt to it. Normally it takes a little while to get used to any new racket, and I thought that the HEAD Boom MP (2022) would feel very different, due to the different head shape, and new combination of attributes, that I had not tried before. That was not the case. It felt very natural to use, and I managed to get a good amount of spin, while still feeling like the racket provided enough stability. 

We think this racket will suit both intermediate as well as advanced players. It does provide heaps of power, but because it is still controllable, we think it will suit players who generate power on their own as well.




Factory standard: Strung/Unstrung

Strung with Head Lynx 

Weight unstrung (+/-5g)

295 grams

Head size

100 sq in

Beam width

24 mm

Balance (+/- 5mm)

315 mm (Head light)

String pattern

16 x 19


27 in 




HEAD Boom MP (2022) Technologies:


Auxetic > Auxetic constructions contain unique qualities. It is a soft fibre that when put under pressure, or "pulled" the fibres widens and stiffens up. This means that when you're playing, the racket offers touch and feel on less powerful shots, while providing more power and stability on more powerful shots, such as a serve or aggressive baseline shots. The bigger the force, the greater the Auxetic reaction. 

Graphene 360+ > This technology has been used by HEAD for the last few years. Adding graphene around the frame and in the throat strengthens the racket. As a result of this, you gain more stability, and optimise energy transfer, which means that more of the energy will go back into the ball, rather than travel up your arm.

Uni Pattern > This is a uniform string pattern which means that the ball trajectory will be more consistent and reliable, and means that the racket will be more forgiving. 

Morph Beam > This racket benefits from an unusual combination of an elongated box-beam throat, often associated with more controlled rackets, and a powerful head, giving you the best of both worlds. 

Directional Drilling > This technology increases the power as well as the sweet-spot, and creates a comfortable, plush feel upon impact

Power Grommets > The enlarged grommets allow for more string movement. This means that upon impact you can get more contact time between the ball and strings, and means that the strings will snap back into place after hitting the ball. This will allow for more spin and power


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