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Dunlop Hyperfibre XT Revelation Pro Squash Racket

£140.00 £110.00

The Pro balances precision and control with power to deliver a spectacular frame suitable for tournament play.

Hit shots with real impact. An open-throat frame shape packs extra power, while the smaller 490sq cm head size delivers extra precision and control.

Hyperfibre XT

Hyperfibre XT is a new technology that greatly enhances the swing weight of the racket to help players to generate explosive power and improves the stability and durability of the racket.

Hyperfibre XT material is located at the 2, 6 and 10 o’clock positions of the racket.

Aeroskin CX

Cut through the competition. An engineered surface texture, inspired by shark skin, smooths airflow over your racket and reduces drag compared to non-textured surfaces.


Increase the whipping power of your shot. The conical, tapered shaft delivers outstanding racket resilience and enhances overall stiffness. This powerful combination gives the shaft greater energy return on impact.


Smooth out your game. A unique polymer contains micro beads that reduce friction while increasing string movement for enhanced power. Glidepolymer also increases durability and grommet life.


Weight Unstrung (+/- 5g) 128
Head Size in Sq. in 76
Balance (+/- 5mm) Head Heavy
String Pattern 14x19
Length 68.6
Composition Premium Graphite & Hyperfibre XT