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Babolat Drive G Tennis Racket

£185.00 £109.99

FREE premium stringing upgrade worth  £30! 
Choose from Babolat RPM Blast, Solinco Tour Bite, Tecnifibre Synthetic gut, or Hybrid!
Tension: Please tell us your desired tension during check-out in the "Notes".   Not sure what strings to pick? Click HERE for our stringing guide!

This Babolat Drive G racket is ideal for young and beginner level players as it is light and the head size is bigger than average. 

Benefits for the Player : Tolerance – Power - Manoeuvrability

Being heavier than the Drive G Lite model, the Babolat Drive G racket offers even more power thanks to the 15 extra grams. Indeed, this model maintains light weight and a great deal of tolerance. The 270 grams will be easy to manoeuvre. The 32cm balance will enable you to swing the racket head quickly. 

The head size of 660cm² will provide a great deal of tolerance and limit the effects of not hitting the ball in the centre of the racket. Indeed, this will also bring more power. 

The 16x19 string pattern will enable you to hit a great deal of spin! 

Type of Player :

- Beginner to intermediate level players who are looking for power and tolerance. 
- Young players looking for light weight and power. 

Technologies :

- Cortex : Offers stability and better feel thanks to the exclusive construction connected to the frame shaft. 
- Elliptic Geometry : Improved torsion resistance to develop more power thanks to the shape of the frame. 
- Woofer : Longer contact between the string and the grommets for more control and comfort.